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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Princess Candy Empire Top Social Media Influencer: Running A Social Media Empire

Princess Candy Empire Top Social Media Influencer: Running A Social Media Empire

Running A Social Media Empire

How one doctor with a passion for social media built a 5-business brand empire

Close to 13-years ago, students from Harvard launched Facebook, an interactive take on MySpace for college students to exchange photos, information, and videos. Since then, it has revolutionized how we live our lives, communicate, and brand both our businesses and ourselves. With 1.4 billion daily users and counting, Facebook’s influence has spilled into a variety of social media platforms, swallowing up the picture-sharing app of Instagram in 2012.

With the popularization and spread of social media, spanning YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, and other cherished sites, we are witnessing an entirely new class of marketers, people with purchasing power and influencing capabilities that set trends, usher in norms, and curate how we interact with social media content.

@llvvzz or llvvzz

Founded in 2010, PrincessCandyEmpire, social media handle llvvzz or @lvvzz, was the creation of Dr. Allegra Alexandra Powell MD. Capitalizing from the growing interaction on Twitter at the time, Dr. Powell created an entertaining Twitter account that has since blown up into a massive social media business and corporation.

One of the account’s very first projects was the PrincessCandyEmpire Tweetmates Calendar for The American Cancer Society in 2012 and 2014.
PrincessCandyEmpire’s funny tweets gained traction, and her content started scoring features on eCards, humor sites, and other social media platforms popular at the time. Naturally creative, Dr. Powell elected to expand her Twitter presence onto all social media platforms, including Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform of today, with the founding of a new sub-brand: Candy Rehab.

Candy Rehab

Candy Rehab is where Dr. Powell really started having fun turning a hobby into laying the foundation for a social media empire. She launched a business Facebook page, a Twitter, and four different Instagram accounts that creatively display her unique says, phrases, and zingers for followers.
The momentum continued, and with each new social media account, the PrincessCandyEmpire was growing bigger and bigger.

How did Dr. Powell do it?

Running a social media empire, especially today with the increasing competition, is no easy feat. Dr. Powell early on discovered that in order to grow a social media empire, you have to be dedicated, aggressive, and passionate about your work. She opened dozens of social media accounts, all under sub-brand names to solidify her brand and her work with viewers. From there, she dedicated herself to consistent posting and constant creative social media content turnover to keep her audience engaged.

PrincessCandyEmpire has a massive audience on all social media platforms. Now a corporation, the brand is a leading social media influencer, social media building, and content branding entity for individuals and companies alike. Not to mention, it also works with social media content generation and lifestyle blogging clients.

Sway Elite International

Obviously never satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Powell has partnered with other social media influencers to establish Sway Elite International, a company that builds brands for individuals and businesses using social media influencing power.

Influencing The Future

Today, Dr. Powell is an undisputed social media influencer with 5 businesses, 35 million viewers and followers, and Google verification across all sites. Over the past 10-years, she has opened accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, BuzzFeed, Mobli, Yelp and more and has Google Analytics to prove her astronomical performance numbers.
In the meantime, Dr. Powell will continue to launch individual social media branding and influencing businesses as someone who sits at the forefront of the influencer revolution.

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Candy Rehab

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